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GNS3 2.2.16

by Brent Stewart on Thursday, Nov 5, 2020

GNS3 2.2.16 was released today. This release has a number of bug fixes that are mostly around Qemu and HyperV support. Of general interest, there’s a patch for a bug in capturing packets with Wireshark. I had an issue open involving downloading appliances from the application and that was fixed as well. This shapes up to be a good polish on a great application and I wouldn’t be surprised if this attention didn’t translate into generally better performance in other areas.

Should you upgrade?

This version doesn’t include a security fix. The VM improvements will help those running KVM or HyperV. There are some bug-fixes that will be of general interest, but aren’t critical. I recommend upgrading assuming you have a little time to sort out any issues.

My personal experience with GNS3 has been that most upgrades go without a hitch. I usually just go for it, but I’m not typically dependent on GNS3 from day to day. When I have had issues, they’ve been resolvable with an hour or two of concentration. Note that gns3-gui and gns3-server have to be the exact same version. If for some reason you upgrade one, you either have to roll back or upgrade the other.

GNS3 Server Upgrade

How do you upgrade?

On Windows, just download the executable and run it. On Ubuntu, sudo apt upgrade. If you have a server VM (and I recommend it), start by getting a snapshot of your current server. I once had a server upgrade go poorly that resulted in rebuilding my VM, so this is a realistic risk. After that, log into the server and you can kick-off the upgrade from the menu.

New and updated appliances

Folks continue to contribute appliances. If you are interested in doing this, refer to my articles on creating an appliance and Updating an appliance. Here’s a list of the new and updated appliances since September first:

Wow! That’s a lot. I added IPCop and Raspian and described the process in those earlier and articles. I’m particularly excited about the Huawei additions. That’s been a big gap and it’s really nice to see that supported. Big thanks to “iceking2nd” for building those!


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