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New Project - Testing *Every* GNS3 Network Appliance

by Brent Stewart on Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

I’m kicking off an exciting new project, and I’d appreciate your thoughts as I get started. GNS3 supports a many different appliances and I’m fascinated by how they work and compare. I’ve supported many of them in my work, but I’d like to build a lab for each one that demonstrated the core functions of the device. My hope would be to produce a reference that would allow folks to quickly gain traction with new equipment. Part of the goal is to directly compare the setup between devices, so the network structure would be static.

I’m proposing three basic topologies to test switching, routing, and firewalling. There will obviously be some limitations to my approach. That list leaves off some appliances categories: endpoints, security tools, NAS, and load balancers come to mind. If this is successful, I’ll come back and explore those in their own environments. I’m also not going to try to teach all the protocols and concepts as I go - this is two fold in that I have to scope this project to a reasonable size and also that


Switching Topology

The goals of the switching lab would be to cover the following key switching capabilities:


Routing Topology The goals of the routing lab would cover the following capabilities:

Three routers covers most simple cases. It’s important to point out that I’m not attempting to model good designs. I’m trying to create a lab that exercises the most definitive features of each class of devices while using the least amount of memory and processor so that these labs are accessible. One interesting note here - I don’t have a lot of experience with IPv6. But the reason for the challenge is to push ourselves. There’s enough complication here that we can implement a relatively static design with a lot of different tools to see how they differ. These labs will be fun to demonstrate and exercise the different routing protocols. Of course it would be great to have a bigger lab to do things like iBGP and eBGP, but the goal here is to compare the different appliances.


Firewall Topology Firewalls are pretty straightforward to test. The biggest question is whether we want to go full red-team or just demonstrate configuration options. I chose the latter to be consistent at this stage, but I may come back to them when I’m ready to include Kali and Parrot. Functions to be demonstrated include:

I’ve created a repository to house all the lab files and each setup will be a separate directory with instructions.

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