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vpn Trayscale
Brent Stewart | Saturday, Mar 18, 2023
I’ve covered a few items in recent months around my home network, including using Tailscale as a VPN overlay and setting up a home DNS server. This entry is an update on living with those elements. As a point of comparison, I’ve used Zerotier in the recent past and really liked it. With Zerotier, I had a dedicated Ubuntu server VM to route the local network onto the Zerotier VPN. That worked beautifully.
Tags: VPN

linux Automaticly adding Hugo articles to Obsidian
Brent Stewart | Monday, Mar 13, 2023
Incorporating blog articles in Obsidian Most of my writing occurs in two places, but I’d like to consolidate it into my “second brain”. My blog articles are written in Visual Studio Code, in markdown so that they can be compiled via hugo. I’ve discussed in this blog that Obsidian - also in Markdown - is setup as my “second brain”. My blog posts represent an important part of that “second brain”, so I’d like to make sure they’re included in my vault.
Tags: markdown linux shell Hugo

linux Sending Email through Google from the Command Line
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Mar 12, 2023
In the course of another project, I recently worked out how to send email through Gmail from the Linux shell. This is both a really cool and powerful tool as well as something I could see incorporating into a lot of future work. Since it had such utility, I wanted to document the process for myself and share that with you. Some Linux operations, such as cron, will send output to the local mail spooler.
Tags: linux shell

markdown Obsidian Ava ChatGPT Plugin
Brent Stewart | Friday, Mar 10, 2023
ChatGPT is all the rage these days. It can carry on a chat conversation and compose text. Folks are using it to help write git push business letters, to help write documents, and to explore the state of modern Artificial Intelligence. Because ChatGPT has ingested a lot of background data, it’s able to write coherently on a number of topics and sometimes can make insightful inferences. Contrarily, because it doesn’t really “know” so much as form statistical relationships, it sometimes speaks authoritatively against the facts.
Tags: markdown

shell Command Line Browser Carbonyl
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Mar 5, 2023
Not sure where to classify this discovery - Carbonyl is a shell-based brower that is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Carbonyl is built on a Chromium engine and does not support plugins at this point or tie into an existing Chrome installation. Carbonyl is fast and it produces a low-res but usable web page. It is surprisingly responsive - there’s a demo of someone playing Doom using it and I watched some Youtube using it.
Tags: Linux Windows shell

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