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Markdown to DOCX
Brent Stewart | Friday, Sep 22, 2023
Exporting Markdown Most of my writing is in markdown in two applications - Visual Studio Code (where I write blog posts amoung other things) and Obsidian.
Tags: Pandoc Hugo Markdown Obsidian

linux Gnome Activities Workspace Name Extension
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Sep 17, 2023
Cool Extension The Activities Workspace Name allows you to change the “Activities” label in the top left of a Gnome desktop to reflect a name for each workspace.
Tags: Linux

shell Terminal Weather
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Sep 10, 2023
I found a fun addition to my command line - I live in Hickory, NC, and the following curl command will return the weather to the command line:
Tags: linux shell

linux Python on Pop
Brent Stewart | Saturday, Sep 9, 2023
In the course of building out a small program the other day, I realized that my version of Python was lagging behind. python -V Python 3.
Tags: linux

review Ahrefs update
Brent Stewart | Monday, Sep 4, 2023
I wrote about Ahrefs a month ago. Ahrefs is a site inspector that provides feedback on errors on a website. I contine to use it and be pleased with it.
Tags: jamstack

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linux NVidia 5.35 Warning
by Brent Stewart on 8/19/23
Tags: linux

n AI-Pocolypse Now
by Brent Stewart on 8/5/23
Tags: non-technical

review ahrefs
by Brent Stewart on 7/31/23
Tags: review Hugo Jamstack

linux Remote access - The Hard Way
by Brent Stewart on 7/6/23
Tags: linux

linux Save to Kindle with a DIY CI
by Brent Stewart on 5/9/23
Tags: linux CI shell

pandoc Word to Obsidian with a DIY CI
by Brent Stewart on 5/9/23
Tags: linux markdown pandoc CI shell