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shell Biz card
Brent Stewart | Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023
One of the guys on Jupiter Broadcasting spoke about a curl-able business card and I thought, “Gotta try it”. A little searching led me to an example - the card of Bryan Jenks.
Tags: shell

python JiraReport
Brent Stewart | Saturday, Oct 21, 2023
I recently had a lot of fun building a quick program to pull data from Jira Cloud and produce Word reports. I’ve shared jirareport at Github if you are curious.
Tags: python

linux NVidia 5.35 Update
Brent Stewart | Thursday, Oct 19, 2023
Two months ago, I warned of issues with the 5.35 driver Since the initial post, I tried 5.35 after a rev and found that it worked well.
Tags: linux

Technical Debt
Brent Stewart | Monday, Oct 2, 2023
I’m going to wander into some concepts from my day job. Give me a little room and I’ll relate how this insight is relevant to everyone and what I’ve learned.
Tags: management

self-host Building a Home Web Dashboard
Brent Stewart | Saturday, Sep 30, 2023
Home Dashboards Home web dashboards serve as a “starting point” for web sessions. Especially as a certain portion of applications now reside online, a home dashboard is a customized menu of the things that you need presented in the way you want.
Tags: self-host Apache Coding HowTo

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linux Gnome Activities Workspace Name Extension
by Brent Stewart on 9/17/23
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shell Terminal Weather
by Brent Stewart on 9/10/23
Tags: linux shell

linux Python on Pop
by Brent Stewart on 9/9/23
Tags: linux

review Ahrefs update
by Brent Stewart on 9/4/23
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linux NVidia 5.35 Warning
by Brent Stewart on 8/19/23
Tags: linux