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linux Turning off Evolution Alarm Notify
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Mar 24, 2024
Ridding Yourself of Annoying Calendar Pop-ups on Linux Gnome will prompt for email accounts, and then tie in alerts from your calendar. These come in as pop-up windows.
Tags: linux

linux Adding a user to Ubuntu
Brent Stewart | Monday, Feb 26, 2024
I built an Ubuntu server for work and then had to add a group of co-workers. I always need to lookup this up, so hopefully my notes will help you!
Tags: linux

git Github setup
Brent Stewart | Sunday, Feb 25, 2024
Recently I had to rebuild my desktop. Backups were my friend, and recreating my rig and loading files went without a hitch. My git directory restored, but I needed to reconnect them to Github.
Tags: git

linux Distro Hopping
Brent Stewart | Saturday, Feb 17, 2024
This article is the last thing I’m doing on this installation of Silverblue. What happened to Pop! OS I’ve written in the past about my tendencies to distro-hop.
Tags: linux

backup Restoring from Proxmox Backup Server
Brent Stewart | Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024
Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) saved my bacon. My previous journal described how to install PBS and how to set it up to backup virtual machines (VMs) from ProxMox Virtual Edition (PVE).
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linux NVidia 5.35 Update
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self-host Building a Home Web Dashboard
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