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by Brent Stewart on Sunday, Jan 22, 2023

I’ve created a seperate site - - to house my book reviews, discoveries, and thoughts on non-Internet subjects.

I titled this “IMHO” or “in my humble opinion”, but I’ve always tried to avoid opinions in this space on non-technical topics. Even the “non-technical” tag is about Internet topics for presentation to non-techies.

I started writing because I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and because I enjoy writing and wanted to develop the skill by making it more of a discipline. Writing helps to organize thoughts and get them out of your head. The idea that I can pursue IT ideas that fascinate me and share those findings with others has been great, and along the way I’ve discovered that I refer back to my own writing fairly often to remember how to do that thing.

As I’ve grown and my circumstances have evolved, I’ve had less time to pursue IT ideas but more time to think on other topics. I tried to include some of that here, for instance in the book reviews, but in the end felt that it was best persued in a seperate forum. So, if you have enjoyed my book notes or are interested in my thoughts on deconstructionism, I invite you to check out the new site. I moved the book reviews over to that site, but there’s not much else there so far so you may want to check back in a few weeks.

This site will continue, probably at about the same pace, and I hope that it will continue to occassionally offer something of use to you.


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