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Nextpertise a journal of interesting technical ideas . . .

About us . . .

This website is a place where we can write about and share the things we’re working on. Our interests are varied, so the content will range a bit. Your respectful thoughts and suggestions are welcomed. Articles will be updated as better ideas emerge!

To help you make the most of the site, the articles are tagged in a way that lets you filter to the posts you need. Some articles will have a youtube reference; this will point to a youtube channel where a video version of the article is available. Some articles have a github reference. As much as possible, we will create a repository of each project so that you can clone and improve it.

Finally, we’ve learned these things through the works of others. Where possible, attributions or additional references for further reading have been included.

We wish you the best on your journey!

The contributor team includes . . .

Brent Stewart

Myron Estibeiro